No Doc Business Loan – Get Rid of the Paperwork (for a Price)

A no doc business loan is a great way to secure a loan for your start up business. Like the name suggests this particular type of loan does require the expansive forms or complicated paperwork of other business loans. It is therefore much simpler to attain.

Unlike other loans that require proof of income, current employment, or a statement of current assets, all that the bank or lending institution requires for no documentation lending is a credit report and ownership of a fairly valuable property for collateral. This is typically the right course of action for those individuals who have an income that is hard to prove, have good to excellent credit, and do not want to waste valuable time with complicated forms and procedures. This arrangement can be used to purchase single family homes, townhouses, manufactured homes, and some condominiums. However, some lending institutions offer this method to business investors. This is a hassle free method for those who can afford it.

Typical applicants for a no doc business loan are individuals who have a hard time proving their income. While this sounds like a unique problem, it is actually a real problem for many people. Those of us who work and generate an income from home or have an unpredictable profit base may not be able to predict future earnings or show documents proving past earnings. Large or small scale investors are particularly prone to this problem. With so much capitol moving in and out of accounts and properties changing hands, it can be difficult to assess or even list the value of current assets. For this reason many investors choose to pay a little more for a loan in order to limit the time consuming process of securing the financial endowment.

Typical real estate purchases include low rise condominiums, single family homes, pre-manufactured homes and trailers, and apartments. Most financial institutions are fairly strict about the types of properties they issue no doc business loans to. However, some programs allow the purchase of high rise condominiums, 4-6 unit buildings, second homes, and other investment properties. These opportunities are what business investors look for because they take advantage of the easy loan process usually reserved for first time home buyers. Again this process only requires a strong credit approval and a semi valuable asset for collateral – two stipulations that most investors have no problem procuring.

While this financial process is quick and efficient and does not require the typical hassle that other processes require, it does cost more to procure. If your situation allows you to do so, then verifying your employment or declaring a comprehensive list of assets will lower your lending costs. However, most investors who attempt to procure this type of loan are not going to retain ownership of the said property for a long time. Therefore, the specific lending costs, interest rates, and mortgage penalties are of little importance.

A no doc business loan is easy to procure. However, the cost associated with such a financial situation is more than a more thorough loan application. Despite this fact, a loan of this type can be an easy way for investors to quickly guarantee capital for investment projects.

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