Understanding Usda B & I Commercial Mortgage Loan Programs

B & I is in favor of business and industry. Business and industry guaranteed loans, as well as cooperation programs developed with support from the USDA, have contributed to a multitude of communities the resources to develop a wide range of needs and services. B & I guaranteed loans help people develop and finance companies, improve their communities, develop industries and improve the environment and the economy in rural communities.
Business and industry guaranteed loans may include but are not limited to:

  • Panel – Intermediary Relending Program
  • REEEP – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program
  • RBEG – rural enterprise grants
  • REDLG – Rural Economic Development loans and grants
  • 9006 Grant – Guaranteed loans for renewable energy programs

Organizations that can borrow and apply for such loans may be corporations, partnerships, as well as the profit or nonprofit organizations or the construction or development in Federal or State Indian reservation lands. People can also apply for loans through the USDA B & I loan programs to meet the individual needs and goals.
There are some stipulations that people should continue to apply for a USDA B & I loan guarantee. These include, but once again, are not limited to:

  • The borrower must be able to provide employment in the future
  • The borrower must demonstrate that he or she will be to improve the local economy or environmental concerns
  • The borrower must demonstrate that he or she will support conservation
  • The borrower should promote development of renewable energy sources

People also must be U.S. citizens or those who have applied for permanent residency. Funds can be used to convert the companies or carry out the expansion and repair of existing buildings. They can also be used to purchase land, buildings, and easements or right of the media. The commercial mortgage loans can also be used to purchase equipment, machinery and other supplies, in addition to accessories, furniture and working capital.
Those interested in a USDA B & I loan program should be aware that your commercial mortgage loan can not exceed $ 5000000 with Griffin Capital. The reimbursement must be made within 30 years. Rates are charged according to risk and the type of commercial mortgage loan. Borrowers should also be aware that the security is necessary and should be of sufficient value to protect Griffin Capital.
Funding for borrowers that under a USDA B & I loan program also must live in areas with populations fewer than 50,000. However, if certain criteria are met, there is no restriction on the size of the company is developing. Closing costs and other expenses are also eligible to be included in the loan amounts.
The USDA and its motto of being committed to the future of rural communities offering a wide range of business programs, and opportunities for rural development and partnerships.
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